EcoQlip UPi – your Photo with your Champions

Add your photo & get the banter!

Fan interactive merchandise for sport, music and film ecommerce, with links to the latest news, videos & web media

UPiUniquePersonalisedinteractive / digitalmediaInterface

essential for every fan, to live and breathe the champions lifestyle

Selfies with friends, family, at the game, in the stadium, wearing the kit, perfect for kit, clothing and accessory gifts

“your Photo with your Champions”

fans are a family, show your allegiance!

  • fans of all ages,
  • side by side with their heroes
  • make it your own

Gift Boxes 33x25x7.5cm

Wall Art 60x45cm

Acrylic block / Framed images 10x8in

Fridge Art 30x22cm

Door Art 44x30cm

Screensavers / Wallpaper

  • unique for every fan
  • personal to every fan
  • interactive links to the latest news, videos & web media
  • current digital content
  • highest quality on-demand
  • looked after from order to despatch

We know fans want to join the banter!

A fan photo with their champions & digitalmediainterface links on real physical products, to the latest news, videos & web media.

On-demand & direct to the customer, every fan of sport, music and film can join the heroes

  • official gift box, kid’s gift box
  • wall art, fridge stickers
  • acrylic block images
  • metallic images
  • photo with the heroes
  • on T-shirts & baby wear
  • fan screensavers & wallpaper

No cost to bring to market & zero stock means no risk. Digital content is always current


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