Loyalty, Identity & Camaraderie

The lifestyle of fans, in every sport, in every league, worldwide

EcoQlip.com is where fans, friends and family upload their photo with the heroes


Our official customised sport boxes are 100% for merchandise, team kit & clothing and 110% for fans to live and breathe the complete lifestyle

The Challenge

“Every sport gift is exceptional, you just can’t give it in the packing it arrives in”


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Every fan is passionate about their photo with the heroes!!

It is for fans of all ages who are on-side with their team, wearing the kit, loving the merchandise, cheering the team to glory. The excitement is intense and your photo of family and friends side by side with the heroes is awesome.

We operate on demand, so there is no physical stock, stock management  or redundant stock to address, simply include the product on your website and we do the rest

For Every Fan who Loves the Association

Place your corporate image side by side with the heroes

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